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School civics clubs explore democracy and citizen participation in civic life

Georgia | Applied Civic Education and Teacher Training (ACETT) program for Georgia | 21 Apr 2011

On April 14 ACETT’s partner “Biliki Society” resumed the results of student contest on civic education, which was held among 26 schools in Shida Kartli region. Contest portrayed student knowledge about democracy and citizen participation in civic life. Competition was held in 3 stages: in-school competition, competition among the schools of the rayons and the final contest. At the final event of the contest, pre-finalist teams of students from 3 schools competed with each other in answering the questions and situational dilemmas about democracy, good citizenship, legislation, social problems and citizen participation in civic processes. Civics club of the village Zerti public school was identified, as a winner team of the contest. Member students of all 3 pre-finalist teams, as well as their teachers were awarded certificates and symbolic prizes.