PH International

PH International Staff in USA

David Koenig
Director of Operations

David Koenig joined PH International in August 2000. David united with PH to direct its first large-scale initiative – Internet Access and Training Program (IATP) in Russia. Since January 2005, he has served as the Director of Operations, overseeing all programmatic, contractual, financial, legal and logistical aspects of PH's offices in America and abroad often filling the role of comptroller, accountant, country director and program manager as staffing changes occur. David has extensive experience designing and implementing business and development programs for American and international organizations over the past 25 years. He manages a large group of internationally diverse staff, maintains fiscal control over large programmatic and commercial budgets, and develops innovative strategies for dealing with complex problems.

In line with the third Peace Corps goal he internalized during his service in Ukraine (1998-2000) to promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans, David has dedicated his life to be a worldwide ambassador. He has travelled to all seven continents and over 80% of the world’s countries. He is based in Moscow, Russia with his familial roots firmly grounded in the Colorado Rocky Mountains in the Pingree Park valley.