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UK Young Leaders | 2013 - 2018

Ten up-and-coming young leaders from disadvantaged communities across the U.K. will travel to Vermont, Massachusetts and Washington D.C. to expand their understanding of leadership, develop greater awareness of additional models of programs and approaches to promote leadership to fellow youth and to have personal experiences in the U.S. that may offset negative images and impressions.> More

Virtual Classroom Project and YIEP | 2011 - 2014

The Virtual Classroom Project (VCP)  was a component of Internet and Exchange component of YIEP.  VCP was designed to connect students and teachers from Turkey and New England to develop new insights and understanding of current events, international issues, and cross-cultural perspectives. By participating in VCP, students and teachers developed transformative 21st century skills, including critical thinking, problem-solving and teamwork while integrating the use of technology as part of the learning process. 

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The Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program (YIEP) was implemented by the Turkish Education Association and has provided support for the development of innovation and entrepreneurism among Turkish high school students since 2008. PH’s Internet and Exchange Component served three functions. First, the component provided a means of delivering additional content and new approaches that enhance the teaching of entrepreneurism in the classroom. Second, the component established linkages between Turkish and American youth that allow them to explore how innovation, entrepreneurism, culture and their lives are similar and different in the two countries, enriching awareness and understanding. Finally, the component provided opportunities for leading young entrepreneurs and their teachers to have in-person experiences in one another’s countries, further expanding connections and understanding.

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U.K. Youth Entrepreneurship Program | 2012 - 2012

The UK Youth Entrepreneurship Program (summer of 2012) served to inspire the entrepreneurial spirit in UK’s diverse young people, giving them tools that will help them realize their dreams, and connecting these young people to their American counterparts and young American entrepreneurs. The program was funded by the US Embassy Public Affairs Service in London.

The Scotland Study Abroad Professionals Exchange (spring of 2014) better equiped teachers and guidance counselors in Scotland to promote and facilitate application to university level study abroad programs in the U.S.

The UK Young Leaders Program (summer of 2014)  enabled a group of ten up-and-coming young leaders from disadvantaged communities across the U.K. to expand their understanding of leadership, see new models and approaches to promoting leadership among youth, and gain personal experience in the U.S.

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Youth LAB - Leadership Across Borders | 2010 - 2012

Youth LAB: Turkey-Armenia-U.S. was a program to foster innovative leadership and forge cross-cultural connections among Turkish, Armenian and American youth. Youth LAB was funded by a grant from the Public Affairs Section of the United States Embassy in Ankara, Turkey, and was implemented by PH International and its Turkish partner, ARI Movement. The objective of the Turkish-Armenian-American Youth Leadership Project was to nurture a cadre of youth to become actively engaged in addressing issues of mutual concern to Turks, Armenians and Americans in their schools and communities, and to equip them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to become citizen activists.

The 16-month initiative brought together 75 young leaders – 25 from each country – with creative ideas and open minds. Prior to a three-week leadership camp in the U.S., students from the three countries communicated online via a secure website and begin talking with one another about leadership and change in their communities. In July 2011 students came together in Vermont for a two-week leadership camp at Sugarbush Resort followed by a one-week homestay experience. International teams of students designed and planned civic activities that they would work on in their communities upon their return home, and were to spend the next four months implementing these projects and continuing to communicate with their peers and program coordinators as they put learning into action. In late December 2011, all students got together again and spent ten days in Turkey and Armenia visiting each other’s projects, communities, and expanding their cultural and leadership training.

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