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Aniuta Morhun

Ukraine | English Access Microscholarship Program | 28 Sep 2018

"ACCESS" project coordinator in Vinnytsia, NGO "Center “Podillia-Soсium"

"ACCESS" project has no end but only a continuation …
"English Access Microscholarship Program" was a very special event in the activity of my public organization and in my personal life as well.
It was even not just a single event but a stage in my life that has contributed to my personal professional development and development of my organization.
The mission of NGO "Center “Podillia-Soсium", where I work, is "formation of a society in which people are studying throughout whole their lives". The purpose and objectives of "ACCESS" project contributed to that mission.
Particularly valuable to us was the fact this project provides for opportunities of acquisition of new knowledge and competencies for adolescents from families having complicated life circumstances. Not every such family has sufficient funds to pay for individual tutoring of their children. At the stage of formation of groups for training under the project, our organization cooperated fruitfully with local government bodies of the town of Vinnytsia. Such cooperation helped our public organization to gain authority and gave impetus to our new interesting social projects.
I had the opportunity to observe directly and for a long time how positive changes were happening to our ACCESS project participants. It was amazingly joyful to see how teenagers' leadership qualities were being revealed, how they become more confident, communicative and friendly with each other. There were 40 children participated in the project simultaneously in Vinnytsia. Without exaggeration, these 20 girls and 20 boys have become a single family.
I am also happy that after completion of the project many of its former participants are now actively involved as volunteers in the activities of public organizations of our town. It is even much more valuable for me personally than the fact that all project participants have greatly improved their command of English. I feel happy about being involved to some extent to such positive changes.
The special pride of our organization is our Teacher Team: Viktoriia Herasymchuk, Yuliia Kashpruk and Anna Kinal. I use capital letters to emphasize that they are real talented professionals who love children and are keen of their occupation. Working with such professionals is happiness and I am grateful to these talented Teachers.
The history of my success was facilitated by support and care provided personally by Andrei Haidamashka – the head of the Separate Subunit of the Foreign NGO "Project Harmony, Inc. Ukraine". I gained a lot of experience in social projects management.
One of the rules established within our public organization NGO "Center “Podillia-Soсium" is the slogan "Work with joy and substantiveness". During the implementation of the ACCESS project, this rule was implemented by 101%.
I am confident that the project will be continued!


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