PH International

Anastasiia Kovbasiuk (Vinnytsia)

Ukraine | English Access Microscholarship Program | 28 Sep 2018

My Little Story

How the majority of people imagine their life? Approximately, it looks like this: kindergarten, school, university, work, pension. And when we are on the stage "school-university" we very often dream when our studies on this stage will end, and after getting a diploma just to forget about it. We dream about stability, about peaceful, quiet, careless life. We are surrounded by dullness. Here and there and everywhere. We remain unnoticeable and don't understand what we demand from ourselves.
I was such a person myself. You will ask: what could so hard influence the teenager's life to change it cardinally? In fact, I don't know the exact answer myself. Or they were acquired knowledge, maybe tutors, friends or I just felt myself different due to fast changes in my life – it is unknown.
There is one thing I know for sure: the answer is in a very simple but very deer for me word - "Access". For somebody this word is only usual extract from the dictionary, somebody often uses it in his communication, and others even don't know about its existence. But for me it's a whole story, my little, not ideal but unique and unforgettable story.
My "Ассеss Story" began in October 2015. By that moment I was the 9th grade pupil of general comprehensive school which are many in the town. I didn't regard myself peculiar and necessary, was unsure of myself and didn't know what kind of person I dream to become in future. I was looking at my successful friends and acquaintances, was looking and didn't understand why I can't be such a person.
It looked like there appeared one more program in foreign language study. So why not to try my powers? I passed the selection, got acquainted with my classmates, with tutors and here it is - my new life has begun. Continuous meetings three times a week with new interesting information, its creative presentation, cozy atmosphere around you, such smiling and genuine only because you are in such place, at proper time and with proper people. And our festive days, and volunteer activity and finally the camp and summit. And undoubtedly there are things worth remembering and there things you want to feel again and again.
For me "Access" is not just the name of the project. This is knowledge and experience, abilities and skills, friends and family. This is a new step towards my future. Just imagine, due to one project in language study I was able to participate in other four projects and won't stop in future. I'm planning from now on to be in touch with people without whom I don't imagine my life now, to seek and open new pages of my personality, to be shoulder to shoulder with my "Access family", to gain new knowledge and experience and to share them with other people.
The program gave me possibility to understand who I am and what I want. Its tutors taught me to see possibility everywhere and be able to use it. Its pupils could make from little imperceptible girl confident in herself lady with big plans for future who isn't afraid of any obstacles on her way. My level of English has improved, certainty has grown, and the number of good acquaintances and friends has increased. I never regretted I had become part of this story.
This is how one doubtful step turns into confident jump forward. Don't be afraid to try yourself in something new, don't be afraid to seek your "I" among hundreds of thousands of others, to undergo changes and to change others the way "Access" did with me. I'm grateful to everybody who has added new colours to my dull life, who made my participation in the project possible and the time spent together so bright and unforgettable. I hope this program will change people's mind and hearts in future.