PH International

Olha Klybanska (Vinnytsia)

Ukraine | English Access Microscholarship Program | 28 Sep 2018

Wonderful projects, admirable master-classes, useful trainings, new knowledge and genuine people – all this surrounded me during the last two years due to active organization "Tsentr Podillya-Sotsium". This is just that pleasant case when you spend all your free time for self-development and assistance to others. During this long period of time, participants of the projects had opportunities to improve their level of English, to get acquainted with IT-domain, to acquire experience of correct communication and to know themselves. In general, I regard such organizations the best for consolidation of young people with similar objectives. Participating in Access program I got acquainted with interesting fellows, who at first sight were too serious and quite different. But having known them better I found wonderful friends among those diligent pupils and I hope our communication won't stop upon completion of projects. Also, one of our life stage was "People of the Future" program. Every time having attended this admirable training we got new knowledge in this or that field. That regular and genuine communication this organization contributed, undoubtedly left good trace in our fates. Just due to those people who endeavored efforts to work with us and were nearby all that time, we became communicative, open for something new and added new useful information to our life experience. That's why I want to thank all executives, sponsors and tutors of NGO "Center Podillia-Socium" organization for their assiduous work, attendance, wonderful atmosphere and happy moments of life they have created for us. And in the end, I wish you not to stop with your attainments as you are moving in the right direction. New achievements to you!