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Rustavi School #10 Stages a Mock Court Session in a Court Chamber

Georgia | Georgian Legal Socialization Project | 17 May 2010

Students from Rustavi Public School #10 presented a mock court session at the Rustavi District Court on February 28, 2010. Students, teachers and administration of the Public School #10 were joined by Mamuka Akhvlediani, Chairman of Rustavi District Court; Besik Jugheli, Chief of Rustavi Police Department; David Maisuradze, Chief of Rustavi Probation Office, and Nana Vasadze, Head of Public Relations Department of the Supreme Court of Georgia.

The mock session was prepared in a very professional way. The session was staged according to one of the cases included in the GLSP’s “Legal Culture” manual. The students who studied court terminology acted as real judges, attorneys, prosecutors and witnesses. They truly surprised the audience by the professionalism and knowledge of court rules and procedures. Among the jury were two juvenile probationers, who actively participated in a discussion concerning the verdict. Also, they agreed to give an interview to the journalists from the Public Relations Department of the Supreme Court of Georgia where they talked of the importance of educating juveniles in legal issues.

By the end of the session, Chairman of Rustavi District Court addressed the audience with a speech underlining the importance of civic education and legal socialization for juvenile crime prevention. He thanked the PH International and the U.S Department of State for initiating GLSP and expressed hope that the program will continue and will be expanded to other parts of Georgia in the future.