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Students from Public School # 165 Visit the Forensics Department of the Main Division of Tbilisi Police

Georgia | Georgian Legal Socialization Project | 17 May 2010

On March 5, students from GLSP Public School # 165 visited the Forensics Department of the Main Division of Tbilisi Police. The students were accompanied by the civic education teacher, law enforcement officer, school principal and GLSP staff. Rati Kandareli, Chief of the Forensics Department, welcomed the students and delivered a short introductory speech. Specialists from the Forensics Department demonstrated various tools and techniques they use to collect evidence at crime scenes. One of the senior criminalists of the department presented a slideshow on how the police investigated a crime committed by juveniles at one of the public schools in Tbilisi. The students asked a lot of questions and were very impressed by friendliness and professionalism of the criminalists.

The event was filmed by the Public Relations Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. The GLSP Manager was interviewed for a special review of the TV program “Patrol”. The event was broadcasted by one of the major TV stations in Georgia “Rustavi 2”.