PH International

Sofiia Posviatenko (Vinnytsia)

Ukraine | English Access Microscholarship Program | 28 Sep 2018

A New Page of My Life

"Access"… At first sight it's just the name of a project for studying English. But in fact "Access" it's a new page of my life, my great success and perception of myself.
When I got invitation to participate in the project I was very happy. "It will be a good chance to improve my level of knowledge in English", I told my family. And as it turned out I wasn't mistaken. But I just couldn't imagine that much more than studying of my favorite matter was awaiting me. "Access" became for
me the opportunity to be open to the whole world and get to know myself.
I remember when I was going to the project being uncertain and unsociable person: was afraid to make a mistake, didn't believe in my own power and was trying to please everybody as I believed I was not as I should be. But now everything is different – I know that I'm unique. I understand that one doesn't make mistakes who does nothing. I'm sure of myself. Such impressive changes happened just in a few years due to “Access”.
My friends whom I met at the project played a big role in it. It was just them whom I share genuine friendship with and who made my participation in "Access" project an unforgettable experience, and the language study interesting.
As far as English is concerned, I can say that I know English very well. Due to excellent "Access" tutors I not only improved my level of knowledge but fell in love with that language. It was the project that gave me the impulse and understanding of the fact that English should be the matter of my future life.
Looking back in the past I understand that without “Access” there would be no happiness and success I have got now. I'm happy to get into this wonderful project which gave me the chance for the new life to which I pace my way with certainty and belief in the best.
Thank you, "Access".”