PH International

Veronika Halka (Vinnytsia)

Ukraine | English Access Microscholarship Program | 30 Sep 2018

"Participation in the Project ACCESS in My Life"

“Dreams… I like to dream as, very likely, every person does. Every age has its dreams. They change with time because you change as well. I like the expression of the famous Russian actress N.V. Rumiantseva "I don't betray the dream, I change the dream".
I was only 14 years old when I got the chance to become a member of the project "English Access Microscholarship Program". Interest, a wish to have the best grades at school in English, to get acquainted with new friends urged me to apply for the project. But quite little time passed in studies, trainings, meetings, excursions and I have felt that I possess new possibilities and new dreams appeared. The feeling "I will be able" was the most pleasant: I will be able to speak fluent English, will be able to read and understand English literature, to do complex tests without any effort. I've got new dreams - the dream to travel to different countries of the world and to teach other people this rich, interesting international language. Self-confidence in myself, my dreams and knowledge - is the best gift I was presented by courses tutors Anna Yuriyivna, Victoriia Mykolayivna and Yuliia Mykolayivna. I am grateful to them for that because only them taught me to treat the language peculiarities from another angle, to see and understand its specific complications, not to be afraid of my own mistakes as they have been always nearby - friendly, professional, and persistent. Now I'm almost 17. I'm a student of the Teacher-Training College. Gradually I make my dreams come true and I know that without participation in this project I wouldn't move forward so confidently, as that store of knowledge, know-how, skills I had got during three years of studies I carry confidently with me.
Every time I remember with gratitude those who during these three years have become my other family, armed me with knowledge necessary for life and studies, taught me to dream.