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I cannot believe my lesson plan is among the winners !!!

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“I can hardly believe how much they have developed since their first enrollment in the program,” admits Inga Gelashvili, ITTSC Teacher Training Assistant and ELCE I/ICTE/TOTSI alumni. “They could hardly put two words together when we first saw them in Tskaltubo back this summer, let alone writing a sound lesson plan with proper objective and assessment piece,” she continues. “They must have worked really hard over this period! I am impressed and in the same time, very proud of them!” she beams.

“It is an amazing result,” exclaims Ketevan Papava-Lobzhanidze, another ITTSC Teacher Training Assistant. “As a Ministry of Education and Science Teacher Trainer, I often travel to remote regions of Georgia to conduct trainings and observe English lessons. I also evaluate the lesson plans of the teachers who are enrolled in Teachers’ Professional Development scheme established by the MES. I can assure you that there‘s an abyss of difference between the lesson plans I happen of evaluate through the MES/Teachers’ House Project and the ones I had to rate through the ELCE Competition.” She admits that, “I am especially impressed by the quality of work produced by the ITTSC alumni. I think we can be proud of work we’ve done during the summer camp.”

“I cannot believe my lesson plan is among the winners,” shares Lile Chkhetiani, an English Language teacher from a remote village of Chuberi in highland Svaneti. “My colleagues and I have had very limited exposure to any sorts of training before our ITTSC experience. We are so grateful the ELCE II program gave us this chance to participate. As our region is so far away from Tbilisi (9 hour drive) and obviously difficult to reach out and monitor, we are usually excluded from training opportunities of this kind,” remarked Lile. “Our region (as well as other highland regions of Georgia) has become very touristic in the last couple of years and English language has been very much in demand. Therefore, professional development opportunities for local English language teachers are invaluable.” Lile concluded, “Competitions like this one are a great motivation and learning experience. Not only does it fuel our desire to work harder and do our best, but also gives us access to the works and activity ideas of our peers from across Georgia. I could not imagine a learning tool that would be half as effective as this.”