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ELCE II Alumni Try Themselves as Teacher Trainers

Georgia | English Language through Civic Education | 1 Feb 2016

By the end of the first teacher training cycle, high performing alumni Khatuna Khvedelidze, from Tbilisi Public School #186, and Natela Basilia, from Tbilisi Public School #82, were given a chance to teach the final ELCE workshop to their peers instead of the ELCE Program English Language Teacher Trainer.

The purpose of the activity was to give the two high performing ELCE participant teachers a chance to try the role of teacher trainers and conduct a workshop on Extra-Curricular Activities, Team-Teaching and Sharing of Resources to their peers. It was the first time that each teacher had been given the opportunity (and responsibility) to act as a trainer. Each had positive feedback to give regarding this experience.

Khatuna Khvedelidze wrote this reflection of her experience:

“When Kirsten suggested me and one of our ELCE teachers, Natia Basilia, to deliver Module 10, I was confused and even scared. It was a great challenge for me as I didn’t have any experience of teaching the teachers. I love my work and do it with pleasure, but I have always taught only children. I have never been too comfortable in front of the audiences of adults. I did not reject this opportunity because I did not want to disappoint my trainer. My partner and I chose resources for the training, discussed them, distributed our parts and the day of the training came. I was so nervous that my family members were even laughing at me. But as soon as the training started I started to feel more confident. I felt that everything went okay and the audience was getting motivated and interested in the activities we were offering. The time flew by in a wink. All the positive feedback that I got from my colleagues and our trainer exceeded my boldest expectations. I am so thankful for the opportunity! This was one of the most memorable work experiences for me and something that will keep pushing me toward new goals.”