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'WITHOUT CIGARETTE - FOR LIFE': States Armenian YouthLAB-er Hayk

Armenia | Youth LAB - Leadership Across Borders | 24 Oct 2011

Each YouthLAB participant in Armenia, Turkey and the United States, a total of 72 teenagers, are currently actively implementing the Civic Action Projects they designed this summer. Many of them have recorded remarkable successes in this short timeframe. One of these successful students is Hayk Shahnazaryan from Yerevan Lyceum after Anania Shirakatsy.


After exploring some of the major problems in his community, Armenian YouthLAB-er Hayk Shahnazaryan from Yerevan Lyceum after Anania Shirakatsy started his Civic Action Project dealing with smoking. In essence, he started an anti-smoking campaign. Armenia is in the 11th place out of the most smoking countries in the world.

The main objective that Hayk's CAP pursues is to prevent smoking at an early age. And he intended to achieve that by doing seminars in schools and sharing important information on negative consequences of smoking. The title of this imitative is “For life without cigarette”. After all the necessary materials were collected and researched by him, together with Gevorg, a close friend of Hayk from the same lyceum, he began to work on the preparation of his seminars. And the first stop was the Yerevan Lyceum named after Anania Shirakatsy, then two other schools came. Their last stop was at the Izmirlyan orphanage in Yerevan, where children received them warmly, and the YouthLAB-ers liked being with the kids, too. Almost 130 children participated in this CAP.

Seminars will have their continuation even after the program ends. It is planned to have one more seminar in a special school for delinquent juveniles where children are in greater danger of smoking. The article featuring the activities and successes of the program was posted on lyceum's official website, on the Arm Educational Portal, in the Facebook page specifically created for this campaign, which has already been shared by a lot of health groups.