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Community Connections Alumnus Begins Organic Farming in Davachi

ccf | 13.07.2007

Mr. Mammadov and his colleagues at the training in Des Moines, IA
Shohrat Mammadov, Director of Shabran LTD, gained a larger share of the market by expanding his business to include growing organic vegetables, which fills a growing demand in Azerbaijan. The idea of expanding into the field of organic farming came to Mr. Mammadov as a result of his experience on the Small Agribusinesses in a Market Economy exchange in Des Moines, Iowa, where he was introduced to agribusiness management techniques for insuring viability and sustainability, such as financial management, new product development, and product marketing.

During the exchange Mr. Mammadov and his colleagues visited a number of farms, businesses and organizations to learn how agribusinesses run in the US. Growing organic vegetables interested Mr. Mammadov most and he used every opportunity during his trip to learn more about subject. Upon returning from the exchange, Mr. Mammadov bought 2 hectares of land in Davachi and applied to receive a license for his experiment with organic farming. Beginning in September 2007 Shabran LTD will begin using the greenhouse on the land in Davachi for growing organic vegetables. Shabran LTD has an agreement with Harris Seeds, representatives of which he met during the exchange, to import their product to Azerbaijan.


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