PH International

Countering Violent Extremism Organizations Recruitment in Georgia, Azerbaijan and Macedonia

Country: Georgia
Category: Community Development Programs


Initiative for Empowering Local Communities in Georgia’ Project


PH International leads a multi-country, multi-faceted effort to reduce the risks of radicalization of vulnerable residents of Azerbaijan, Georgia and Macedonia. PH International and its key partners in each country, the Georgian Center for Strategy  and Development (GCSD) in Georgia, the Center for Economic and Social Development (CESD) in Azerbaijan, and Moonshot CVE in Macedonia are implementing this effort through a comprehensive online and offline campaign for both countering the messaging of international terrorist and violent extremist organizations in Azerbaijan, Georgia and Macedonia while acting to prevent the risks of extremist messaging through activities targeting drivers that contribute to these risks, particularly among young people. Building local capacity to sustain this effort is key to the overall success of the project. As part of the project a special training curriculum will be developed that will be used in Georgia and Azerbaijan to train community members, including influencers on what P/CVE is and how and why it is important to counter the messaging being received from violent extremist organizations.