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Adjara Community Policing Initiative

Country: Georgia
Category: Community Development Programs


The  Adjara Community Policing Initiative (ACPI)  fosters closer cooperation in 10 rural communities of the Adjara region, with particular focus on cooperation among religious groups and between the community and local police departments. The core of the program  supports building and institutionalizing positive dialogue, consultation, and joint problem solving between local police and rural communities, including religious communities and minorities. The program seeks to overcome existing communication challenges within communities and between communities and the police. Representatives of the community include school students, administration, parents and teachers, representatives of local self-government, sport groups, and religious and community leaders. 

ACPI utilizes school and community interventions to lead greater engagement of police with the members of selected communities of Adjara, hence, the two components, legal socialization in schools and building police-community relations, are key program areas of the initiative. Providing police with training and support to incorporate and improve their own personal and professional capacity to accomplish these community policing objectives are key. Activities build from classroom based components (building trust and relationship between students and police) and extend out to community based activities.

ACPI is funded by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs.


Program News

5 municipal projects were written in 5 municipalities of Adjara | 1 May 2019

From 21st to 23rd April, within ACPI program 5 full-day Municipal Project Writing workshops were held in five municipalities of Adjara: Khulo, Shuakhevi, Qeda, Khelvachauri, Kobuleti. Police, teachers, students, local mayors and councils and local community leaders discussed the ideas to implement joint initiatives that will create a better and safer environment for youth. They have jointly identified different problems in their community regarding the youth and through facilitation of ACPI staff and experts’ participants chose one idea and wrote the initial draft for the projects, that are planned to be implemented in May and June.
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ACPI Launches Third Programmatic Year | 21 Nov 2017

This fall ACPI started a new, third programmatic year and presented upcoming activities at the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Adjara Autonomous Republic

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ACPI Follow Up Meeting | 7 Jul 2016

Adjara Community Policing Initiative (ACPI) program has concluded its activities for FY 1. Follow up meeting took place in Batumi to review implemented activities and identify challenges and best practices that might be useful for year 2 programming. The meeting hosted 10 police officers and 10 teachers from participant schools, as well as Deputy Minister of Education, Culture and Sports of Autonomous Republic of Adjara , Deputy Head of Programs Management Unit from the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia , representative from INL department from US Embassy in Georgia and Deputy Head of Adjara Police.  

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Success Stories

DRR(Disaster Risk Reduction) Simulation at Merisi Boarding School | 7 Jul 2016

On July 6th, simulation of a disaster risk reduction took place at Merisi Boarding School.
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