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Global New Media Lab (GNML) is a joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs (ECA) and PH International. GNML consists of two program components: GNML Online and the Youth TechCamp.

The purpose of the Global New Media Lab is to provide students participating in three of the Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs’ high school academic exchanges with the skills to actively engage in and teach others about the use of social media and other forms of information technology for greater civic engagement. GNML gives young people, ages 15-17 the skills to harness innovative online and mobile tools for powerful change in communities worldwide.

The program has trained 240 international students how to create a social media for social change campaign to address an issue in their home countries using the world's most powerful online platforms. Seventy-eight of these students also participated in a one-week Youth TechCamp in Vermont. Youth TechCamp participants gained leadership and training skills enabling them to transfer knowledge and skills in social/digital media and other information technologies to people and groups at home.

Success Stories

A Global New Media Lab Alumni’s Drive for Social Change | 19 Nov 2014

Upon returning home to Liberia after studying in the U.S. and participating in PH International’s Global New Media Lab (GNML) program, Nathaniel Cooper became a leader in his community, training others how to use social media for social change.

Students at five Liberian high schools received training in social media skills, such as email, YouTube, blogging, Facebook, and Twitter, and were taught how to use these tools in a productive manner to address a specific social cause. Complementing the training in social media, youth learned the importance of integrity, how to be a leader, and the principles of public speaking.

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Summary of 2012-2013 GNML | 18 Jun 2013

Over the course of six months the Global New Media Lab online training program funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and implemented by PH International sparked the interest of 572 A-SMYLE, FLEX and YES students. More than 300 international high school students actively participated Online and learned the basics of using social media for social change and greater civic engagement. During the online training program students identified social issues within their home communities and learned how to use social media platforms and technologies such as Blogger, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google Alerts and RSS feeds to create and promote grassroots social media campaigns that addressed these issues.
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A sampling of student views on their most rewarding part ot their GNML online experience | 18 Apr 2013

Students in the Global New Media Lab online program learned a range of tools and techniques for using social media for a social cause. Toward the end of the program they were asked to define the most important, the most rewarding, and the most challenging part of their experience. This success story presents a few of their answers.
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