PH International

Georgian Women's Leadership Program

Country: Georgia
Category: Community Development Programs


Women’s Leadership Programs (WLPs) empower women from across a given region or country to initiate change and improvements in their communities. Special focus areas are determined by the communities being served and have included such topics as NGO development, mass media, women’s healthcare, prevention of domestic violence, and electoral politics. Through educational workshops and training seminars that focus on practical skills-building and mentoring, the programs develop the leadership qualities and capacity of women. Program components include: a local needs assessment to identify key issues of importance to be directly addressed through workshops and training activities conducted; custom-designed Women’s Leadership Series workshops; Women’s Leadership Institutes focused on intensive leadership training for women; Women’s Mentoring Institutes which provide additional training for the top participants in the Women’s Leadership Institutes so that they can serve as mentors to other women and to train them to conduct the Women’s Leadership Institute for additional women; strengthening the institutional capacities of existing women-centered groups and organizations; creation of a Women’s Resource and Training Center where appropriate; and, Inter-regional and/or International Conferences.