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News | Program: Mini Grants for Supporting Inclusive Communities in Georgia

Students Advocacy campaign - “Without Restriction” | 20 Oct 2017

Students of the village of Ozurgeti public school conducted an advocacy campaign to increase public awareness about the needs of people with special needs. Students studied the Georgian regulations for better integration of people with special needs into society, and prepared a video clip for informing people about them. Supported by the school administration, a ramp was constructed at the entrance of the school.

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Opening of the Small Computer Center in the Village of Gurkeli | 20 Oct 2017

The goal of the mini-grant project “Friendship is a Bridge” initiated by Gurkeli public school students was to open a small computer center in the village and provide an employment opportunity for a local resident with special needs.

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McLain Association for Children (MAC) and PH International: New Partnership Supporting Inclusive Communities in Georgia | 19 Oct 2017

PH International is pleased to announce a new partnership with McLain Association for Children (MAC), a Georgian non-profit serving children with disabilities and their families. Using the PH on-line grant making platform,, students and teachers across Georgia will compete for funds donated by MAC for projects that contribute to more inclusive environments.

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