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Montenegro Civic Education Project (MCEP) reached approximately 1200 students with kick-off afterschool activities

Montenegro | Montenegro Civic Education Project | 28 May 2022

The topic of this afterschool activity was selected in consultation with target primary schools, multidisciplinary advisory team (CDAT), the Institute for Public Health in Montenegro and institution of Ombudsman of Montenegro, and is in line with priority themes addressed in the Legal Culture curriculum for primary schools. The first workshops were delivered by the pediatrician through participatory process and were perceived as very relevant, interesting and inspiring to the pupils who take active part in the discussion. The presentations put emphasis on mental health, healthy life styles, addiction diseases and zero tolerance for risky behavior among children and youth, in line with the WHO recommendations. The second workshops were delivered by the deputies of the Ombudsman in Montenegro and were perceived as very relevant as well, since discrimination and peer violence is one of the biggest challenges young people and teachers are facing today.