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Montenegro Civic Education Project (MCEP) has full commitment and appreciation of the local stakeholders in municipalities of Andrijevica, Berane, Plav, Gusinje and Rožaje

Montenegro | Montenegro Civic Education Project | 28 May 2022

MCEP team visited primary school principals, teachers, youth officers, and presidents of five selected municipalities during dynamic field visits which are implemented in March 2022. The purpose, methods and integrated approach were presented and MCEP objectives discussed during the meetings, resulting in mutual understanding and agreement on joint implementation of the project activities. Special focus was put on the development and implementation of the legal culture curriculum, organization of the afterschool clubs, community dialogue workshops & small-scale infrastructure projects, and NGO grants. Timeline and details of the joint cooperation with key stakeholders at the local level were agreed, towards creation of the tailored action plans for each municipality that will be conducted in April 2022 based on participatory approach.