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First face-to-face trainings for the Moldovan Teaching Teams

Moldova | Moldova Legal Socialization Program | 12 Aug 2020

From August 3-7, two face-to-face, three-day trainings for Teaching Teams made up of police officers and teachers were organized and conducted in Chisinau.  These Teaching Teams will work together to implement the optional course “Education for Legal Socialization” for the 8th graders in 22 pilot schools as part of the Moldovan Legal Socialization Program (MLSP).

The workshop sessions were opened by the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, Natalia Grîu who stated that: “Education has an essential role in informing and training responsible citizens. Young people need quality education and the legal socialization curriculum, through its transdisciplinary character, will give students the opportunity to study about law enforcement institutions and their rights and responsibilities. The crucial element of the program is the creation of the joint teaching teams that will change students' perceptions regarding policing activity and what it means to actively participate at the community level. "

The Head of the General Police Inspectorate, Sergiu Paiu, welcomed the Teaching Teams to the program and mentioned the openness of the police to participate in “…Projects that increase the spirit of youth safety in society by providing the necessary knowledge to create useful skills throughout life. The General Police Inspectorate believes that by investing time in the education of the younger generation we will increase youth awareness of civic rights and obligations, of the rule of law and legal culture."

For the first pilot phase, the training sessions were organized for 53 teachers and police officers, representatives of the district education departments and local police inspectorates from 6 districts of the country: Floresti, Ungheni, Straseni, Cahul, Chisinau and Soroca. During the training sessions, the members of the joint teaching teams were familiarized with the legal socialization principles and concepts and were introduced to the curricular documents and teaching materials necessary for the delivery of the optional course "Education for Legal Socialization" in schools. The participants also practiced teaching strategies and teamwork methods for joint implementation of the legal socialization curriculum beginning in September 2020.

MLSP responds to a lot of institutional objectives and needs, as well as to current societal challenges. We all understand that the joint efforts of several stakeholders are more sustainable than those of a single institution. Thus, teams made up of teachers and police officers will work together in schools to relay to students the message that only through joint efforts can we build a safer society based on the principles of the rule of law and develop effective partnerships between schools, law enforcement institutions and communities", mentioned Iurie Pîntea, PH International Moldova Country Director.

The Legal Socialization in Moldovan Schools Program is implemented by PH International Moldova and funded by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL). For more information about MLSP, please contact Iurie Pîntea, PH International Moldova Country Director/MLS Program Manager by email: