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6-day Training for Trainers Program for the Armenian Probation Service

Armenia | Probation Support Program in Armenia | 8 Dec 2018

On November 29, 2018 the 6-day Training for Trainers, organized within the “Support to Probation Service” funded by the US Department of State, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Affairs and implemented by PH International was completed.

The events were organized in partnership with the RA Ministry of Justice, specifically with close cooperation with the RA Probation Service.

A total of 16 participants represented by the RA Ministry of Justice, the Probation Service of the Ministry of Justice, the Penitentiary Department of the Ministry of Justice, the MoJ’s “Center for Legal Education and Rehabilitation Programs” SNRO, as well as by several Non-Governmental Organizations were trained as future trainers of the RA Probation Service. The training was conducted by American and English experts Janet Dunigan, George Keizer and Steven Pitts, assisted by national experts Gayane Hovakimyan, Deputy Director of the MoJ’s “Center for Legal Education and Rehabilitation Programs” SNRO, and Arshak Gasparyan, Chairman of “Social Justice” NGO.

During the training program the participants were provided with theoretical information on the establishment and development of probation services in the international arena, legal basis and key functions of the service, internal and external management, practical exercises on the main stages of beneficiaries affiliated with special groups such as drug users, female probationers and juveniles.

On the last day of the training, 4 teams each comprised of 4 participants delivered for Arsen Navasardyan, Head of the Probation Service and the 11 Heads of the Regional Departments of the Probation service a 1-hour exam session on assigned themes of probation operations. Afterwards, the international and national experts provided the participants with advice, observations and tips regarding the delivered content and methods of instruction. At the end of the program all trained trainees were awarded with certificates of successful completion of the program.

This November 24-29, 2018 training program was the first phase of the bigger training program. In December 2018, as a final stage of the ToT, PH International is planning to organize knowledge testing of the participants to determine how many of the trained individuals will qualify as trainers of the Probation Service to train the entire staff of the Probation Service in January of February and afterwards upon refreshment training needs.