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Attending Peer Forum and Meeting with LSP Teacher in Banja Luka School

Bosnia and Herzegovina | Bosnia Legal Socialization Program | 26 May 2022

On May 23, 2022, BLSP Program Coordinator was invited to Primary School "Georgi Stojkov Rakovski" in Banja Luka to attend Peer Forum organized by Grigor Herbez, a student who attended Youth Leadership Workshop in March in Trebinje. The Forum met to discus steps to campaign for the installation and equipping of a sensory room in this school, designed to help pupils with a range of sensory impairments to develop hand-eye coordination, motor skills, colour recognition, communication and sensory skills. The Forum plans to raise awareness of students, parents and local community and organize various activities in order to collect money for this cause. The activities should be implemented between June and September this year.
The visit was also an opportunity to meet with Dra┼żena Kragulj, LSP Teacher who had just completed 8 LSP modules and who shared a lot of valuable first-hand information on the experience in the selected classroom.