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5 municipal projects were written in 5 municipalities of Adjara

Georgia | Adjara Community Policing Initiative | 1 May 2019

From 21st to 23rd April, within ACPI program 5 full-day Municipal Project Writing workshops were held in five municipalities of Adjara: Khulo, Shuakhevi, Qeda, Khelvachauri, Kobuleti. Police, teachers, students, local mayors and councils and local community leaders discussed the ideas to implement joint initiatives that will create a better and safer environment for youth. They have jointly identified different problems in their community regarding the youth and through facilitation of ACPI staff and experts’ participants chose one idea and wrote the initial draft for the projects, that are planned to be implemented in May and June. 5 Municipal project ideas address issues such as unhealthy lifestyle, early marriage and domestic violence through educational or campaign style activities. Municipal projects foster long-term, sustainable police-community partnerships while increasing the informal presence of police officers within the respective municipalities.

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