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Civics club students’ online conference with a doctor Tea Danelia

Georgia | Momavlis Taoba - Civic Education Program | 20 Mar 2020

Online conference with a doctor Tea Danelia mostly addressed the issues concerning basic prevention measures against the new COVID-19. How does the virus spread? Why the virus is called “corona”? How long does the virus survive on surfaces? When will a COVID-19 vaccine be ready? Are children at risk? How is it prevented? What are the most common symptoms of the COVID-19 disease? – These were the questions asked by civics students during the conference.

Students in all  regions of Georgia took part in the online conference via Facebook. About 651 questions were asked by civics club students to a doctor Tea Danelia during an online conference and 2100 online viewers reached.  At the end of the conference, the doctor Tea Danelia thanked students for their interesting questions and wished them good health.

Online conference was held in the framework of USAID’s Civic Education Program - Momavlis Taoba.