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Irma Gordeladze a civic education teacher and environmental protection activist

Georgia | Momavlis Taoba - Civic Education Program | 9 Mar 2020

Irma Gordeladze is a civic education teacher at Baileti Village Public School. She teaches students what is active citizenship and how to solve community and school problems. Irma Gordeladze is actively involved in environmental protection activities and promotes public awareness of the issue.
Together with her followers, she protested against the extraction of inert materials from the bank of Achi River in Ozurgeti municipality. As a result of her efforts, the community united to protect the unique nature of the river bank and the extraction works have been suspended.
Irma became a founder of an environmental organization“Eco”, which aims at protecting rivers in the Ozurgeti municipality and supporting the community members in understanding environmental democracy.
"A lot of people have joined my civics activism. I have a feeling that I can change the environment for the better. I am glad that this feeling and activism are exemplary and contagious for others. Today, a lot of people have realized that nature needs protection"- said Irma Gordeladze.


Irma often has to work under difficult and cold weather conditions across damaged roads and river banks, where 100% of the workers are male. But she makes her input in protecting the local ecosystems.