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The professional development training for civics teachers

Georgia | Momavlis Taoba - Civic Education Program | 30 Sep 2019

The professional development training "Planning of Interactive Lesson" was held for civics teachers from different regions of Georgia in the framework of civic education "Momavlis Taoba" program.
The training will help teachers develop interactive teaching methods and approaches; and create effective lesson plans. The training was organized by the Civic Education Teachers Forum.
“During the training, I was introduced to the methods and strategies of planning the interactive lesson and the structure of reflexivity. I think that now I would be able to develop a better lesson plan and share this knowledge with my colleagues at my school” - said Kakhaber Shonia, a civics teacher of village Kvemo Potskho public school in Senaki Municipality.
“This training was timely and necessary for me to help me solve the problem that I encountered while conducting an interactive lesson planned by me. The issues discussed at the training clearly showed those weaknesses that I did not consider before. The knowledge gained during the training will help me better manage a service-learning process” - said Tamar Mamulashvili, a civics teacher of Tbilisi Public School # 132.