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"Open a New World with a Book"

Georgia | Momavlis Taoba - Civic Education Program | 24 Sep 2019

9th-grade students of the village Ikalto public school initiated to renovate the school library and promote reading and literacy among the students of different ages. Students conducted a survey to find out what kind of literature is interesting for their peers, then they collected scraps and changed them into new books to enrich the school library.

Within the initiative, the students invited quests to school to discuss the importance of reading, staged a mini-performance on women's rights conducted a quiz, which was comprised of questions from different books. In addition, the students established cooperation with representatives of the local government and business sector to purchase new books for the school library.

Mini-grant project "Open a New World with a Book" was implemented in the framework of USAID funded “Momavlis Taoba” program.