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Tsalka public school # 2 students decided to promote healthy lifestyle among the peers

Georgia | Momavlis Taoba - Civic Education Program | 5 Jun 2019

Tsalka public school # 2 students decided to promote healthy lifestyle among the peers in the community.  First stage was to conduct the survey. According to the survey results, it was determined, that only 50% of respondents follow a healthy lifestyle.

In order to promote healthy lifestyle, students visited Sameba, Beshtasheni and Khareba public schools and informed students about the importance of healthy living. Special attention was paid to the use of tobacco and narcotics, they also answered the questions and distributed information booklets prepared by them.

In the frame of the project, in city Tsalka a soccer and basketball tournaments were conducted between boys’ teams, whereas girls’ teams competed in volleyball. In parallel, marathon on a short distance was held. More than 100 students took part in sports events. All participants were awarded with certificates, while the winners were awarded with prizes and medals.

The students addressed Tsalka Municipality to initiate the restoration of the tradition to mark the day dedicated to sport. Zviad Shengelia, Director of Tsalka Sports School noted that sport school will take this request into account. Mr. Shengelia also talked about the healthy lifestyle and the importance of involvement of young people in sport.


Nini Surmanidze, 10th grade student of Tsalka public school # 2: "It is difficult for me to specify something special that this project has taught me. First of all, I got new friends, participation in the project helped me to overcome the fear of public presentations. The program "Momavlis Taoba” gives opportunity of development for each student involved in the program, as well as for the students who are not partners of the project but are involved in such projects."