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Salome Chaduneli - Journalist, Editor — online publication

Georgia | Momavlis Taoba - Civic Education Program | 19 Feb 2019

For me, for the child born and raised in the region, the civics education program was a chance for the changes. PH International, USAID and MT partner organization in Shida Kartli "Biliki" helped me to gain new skills - express my opinion and work on solving the problems. 
The civic education program showed me my place in the society, gave me the opportunity to express myself and correctly evaluate my future priorities, I think I managed it.
Today I am a journalist. Values and standards that are directly connected with my professional ethics are not gained with practiced. Many years ago, participation in Civics Education Program supported me to gain these skills and still helps me follow the straight lines. 
Salome Chaduneli - Journalist, Editor — online publication