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February 18, 2009 - Official Launch of Konotop IDEA Center

Ukraine | YouthSpark Ukraine | 19 Feb 2009

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Yana Kurchenko, Courtney Zuckoski, Tetyana Sherudylo
Arthur Kocharyan and Yana Kurchenko
Work moments
On February 18 in Konotop one more unique event was organized - official launch of the Educational Center of the IDEA (Information Dissemination and Equal Access) Project.
At the official launch were present: Yana Kurchenko, IDEA Project Director in Ukraine; Courtney Zuckoski, Community Affairs Manager, Microsoft Ukraine, Svetlana Miroshnichenko, Microsoft Unlimited Potential program (Russia); Alla Pilipenko, Konotop Employment Center as IDEA Center's Partner; Tetyana Sherudylo, Head of Konotop Gymnasia, IDEA Center's Partner; local mass media.
During the greeting words Yana Kurchenko made an accent on widening the opportunities to the IT access, improvement of technical skills for youth, elderly people and different disadvantaged groups.
Courtney Zuckoski talked about social projects of Microsoft Ukraine Company, about corporate social responcibility politics of Microsoft, differnet projects that have social and educational roots.
Alla Pilipenko thanked the administrators of the Project for the new opportunity for hundreds of konotop citizens. "Under conditions of economical situation nowadays in the country, when rows of unemployed population is increasing and opportunities for education dicreasing, this project really helps in education of unemployed population, in employment. This is not only information dissemination and equal access, - Alla Pilipenko highlighted, - this is UNLIMITED potential for all and everybody! "
After the official part of the event, projects leaders and partners of the IDEA center in konotop answered the questions from mass media. The presence of all local media is an evidence of high importanceof this event in Konotop.
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