PH International

PH International Mission and Values

PH International (registered under the legal name Project Harmony, Inc.) was founded in 1985 for the purpose of cultural and educational exchanges between the then-USSR and the United States. Over the past thirty-three years, more than 10,000 individuals have participated in PH’s international exchange programs in the U.S. and across Eurasia and the Middle East.

Today, PH International’s mission is to build strong global communities by fostering civic engagement, cross-cultural learning, and increased opportunities in the digital age. PH strives towards a world where individuals and communities collaborate across borders to resolve global challenges. PH pursues this vision by conducting innovative programs for youth, professionals and communities around the world that uses in-person and online engagement, practical skills development and coalition building to support global collaboration, learning and advancement. A talented, multinational staff are at the cornerstone of all these efforts.

Advancing Society, Connecting People

Since those first years of breaking down walls and building personal relationships through musical exchanges, PH has grown to have offices in 6 countries embracing a wide variety of programs for American and overseas participants. Educational programs expanded in the early 1990s and today we work with schools throughout the U.S., Eurasia, the Balkans and the Caucasus. As its network of US and overseas partners grew, Project Harmony built professional development programs focused on building the capacity of citizens to support key institutions in their communities and professional specializations for increased opportunity, engagement and shared learning . As early as the late 1990s, Project Harmony realized that access to information is a key to breaking down the stereotypes and barriers that separate people, and began working on information technology programs, leading to more than 450 Internet access computer centers in universities, schools and libraries in Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, and Azerbaijan.

A New Era: PH International

To reflect the growth and diversity of PH’s work, in 2008 Project Harmony took on a new name: PH International. PH International is a global organization with over 30 years of experience working with people, communities, governments, and corporations using proven tools to bring cultures together, encourage peer learning, and build strong communities.

Our Values

  • Offer individuals and communities the knowledge and skills to create a peaceful and prosperous future
  • Empower through inclusion
  • Provide personal and professional development opportunities for marginalized groups, such as people with disabilities, women, minorities and children
  • Broaden worldviews
  • Share perspectives, challenge assumptions and build consensus
  • Create bridges between cultures
  • Connect people through cultural exchange, education and performing arts programs
  • Embrace technology
  • Integrate digital tools to support program development, operations and communications
  • Believe in the spirit of exploration
  • Support lifelong learning and reflection

PH International Financial Information and Reports

As part of our commitment to financial transparency and accountability, we provide the public with both federal 990 tax forms and audited financial statements.

Audited Financial Statements and 990s are available upon request.



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