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GNML Online Program FAQs

What is GNML Online?

GNML Online is an online program that guides students through the process of creating a social media for social change campaign. GNML Online consists of a total of 10 online sessions that introduces students to social media platforms and allows students to explore how to use the tool in their social media for social change campaign.

What is a social media for social change campaign?

A social media for social change campaign is a 21st century method of harnessing the power of multiple online platforms to advocate for social change related to a specific theme or goal.

Who should participate in GNML Online?

Students should be interested in the following: developing their social media skills; being exposed to new online platforms; and most importantly have the desire to lead change through a social media for social good campaign!

Can I participate if I am not a YES, A-SMYLE, FLEX student?

Yes! The GNML Online curriculum is available to anyone interested. If you would like to participate in GNML Online you will need to register to receive a username and password. Because you are not a YES, ASMYLE or FLEX student, you will not be able to post your assignments or receive feedback on the online classroom, however, you will have access to all sessions and their content.

What is the cost for participating in the GNML Online program?

The GNML Online program is free to all students thanks to the generous funding of the U.S. Department of State.

How many GNML Online sessions are there and how long will they take to complete?

There will be 10 GNML Online sessions. Each session will take you 1-2 hours to complete. Throughout the program you may find some sessions easier than others because of your prior knowledge of the social media platform.

I have read the GNML Online session but I do not understand how to set up a particular social media platform account or complete a task (Blogger, Google Alerts, Twitter, Facebook Page, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.), what do I do?

Within each session there will be instructions on how to complete the assignments for the session. If you are having trouble understanding these instructions, we encourage you to search online for additional written/video tutorials. The social media platforms should also have a help feature or a website with instructions on how to use their application.

Who can I contact if I need help or have questions for PH International GNML Online program staff?

For all questions, please contact

How do I earn a GNML Online badge?

We don’t blame you for asking! We happen to think that our GNML Online achievement badges are pretty cool too. For every session that you complete you will earn an achievement badge! Your badge will be automatically posted on your profile.

Can I share the work I am doing with others who are not part of the GNML Online program?

We want and encourage you to share the information you are learning and the profiles you are creating using different social media platforms with your family, friends, and all others who may be interested in your social issue. The GNML Online program is designed to empower you and your community. Share away!

What is PH International?

PH International is an international non-profit organization that strives toward a world where individuals and communities work across boundaries to address challenges where solutions are:

  • rooted in cultural understanding;
  • inspired by a sense of shared responsibility in each other's lives;
  • strengthened by individuals empowered with practical skills and knowledge; and
  • sustained through open communication, exchange and friendship.

PH International builds strong global communities by fostering civic engagement, cross-cultural learning and increased opportunities in the digital age. A talented, multi-national staff are at the cornerstone of all these efforts.

PH International's head office is located in Vermont, USA with additional offices located in Moscow, Russia, Tbilisi, Georgia, Yerevan, Armenia and Kyiv, Ukraine.


For more information about PH, visit us at

Why is PH International implementing the GNML Online program?

PH International has a long past of developing and implementing educational development programs in the United States and abroad.

PH International's educational initiatives provide unique opportunities for both students and education professionals to establish academic and community partnerships that encourage exploration of cultural diversity and provide the opportunity to share common experiences. These initiatives help prepare young adults to become business and community leaders, while fostering a deep appreciation of foreign cultures. Current programs are enriched by utilizing a vast network of technical resources to implement creative and innovative projects that support education in a digital world.

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Why Register?

  • To develop 21st century skills in social/digital media technologies
  • To learn how to use various social media platforms to advocate for social change
  • To develop a social media for social change campaign
  • To access our online materials to teach others in your home community.  

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