PH International

Momavlis Taoba (Future Generation) Program

Manana Kubaneishvili
Public Outreach Officer, Momavlis Taoba program

Manana Kubaneishvili joined PH International in December 2011. Manana Kubaneishvili has extensive work experience with international organizations implementing rehabilitation and development projects in Georgia. Since 1996 she worked in different agencies such as Georgia Red Cross Society, International Red Cross Res Crescent Societies, UN World Food Program, and World Vision International as a public relation and information / reporting officer. All her work duties were connected with the highlighting the implementation of the programs and achievements to wide audience through production of success stories, news for the web and media articles describing program impacts in detailed, as well as organizing various workshops, trainings and events. Besides, Manana has long working experience as a English teacher in afterschool organization based in Tbilisi.