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SCOPE Y5 Teachers and Police Teams Fully Trained

Georgia | Schools, Community & Police Engagement (SCOPE) | 20 Apr 2022

SCOPE has completed its annual trainings for police and teachers involved in various activities in the framework of its school-based component. 


Training were delivered in two different directions - Legal Culture curriculum trainings for police officers and civic education teachers who will deliver joint lessons to 9th grade students in 23 public schools of Samegrelo and Imereti regions. Topics include children’s rights, tolerance, healthy lifestyle and bad habits (gambling, gaming, use of marijuana), domestic violence, early marriage, trafficking etc.


Another direction involves patrol officers and head teachers of 4th grades. This activity envisages conducting four meetings with 4th graders using non-formal education approach on topics such as road safety, difficult situations (what a child should do in case of getting lost, whom to address in emergency situations etc), children’s rights and responsibilities, friendship and positive relationships. Meetings will be hosted by 9 public schools in Tbilisi, Telavi and Rustavi.