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9th graders and police officers team up to organize fun meetings for elementary school kids

Georgia | Schools, Community & Police Engagement (SCOPE) | 26 Mar 2018

Police officers and two of their 9th graders, from SCOPE program schools in Batumi, participated in intensive trainings in non-formal education to acquire a special module.  The module is designed for elementary school kids and is based on dynamic after school activities and games, linked to important values, such as general safety concepts, children’s rights and cyber security.
After the training, the meetings will be arranged for elementary school students by the team of the police officer and two 9th graders, as a result:
The 9th graders and police officers get a chance to plan, work and cooperate for the good of their school and community;

  • The police officers will interact with different age groups in the schools, that will enable to build positive attitudes towards the law enforcement from earlier age.
  • 9th graders learned how to plan, execute and also evaluate, various non- formal education techniques and activities and become familiar with new profession - youthwork;
  • They were given a chance to be positively involved in the school life, teamed-up with the police officer.

    And most importantly, the activities will demonstrate the community work of the police, where the students will be part of it.