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An Online Conference with Naniko Khazaradze, TV Hostess

Georgia | Momavlis Taoba - Civic Education Program | 13 May 2020

What is the role of the media and journalists during emergencies? What special training should journalists undergo to cope with stressful work during a global pandemic? What are the pros and cons of journalism? What is your personal biggest achievement? What is free media? Is it difficult to work as a journalist during a pandemic? - These among others were the questions that Naniko Khazardze, a well-known TV hostess, discussed with the students during an online conference.

During the online meeting with students, she spoke about the profession of a journalist and shared her own huge experience of working as a TV hostess of various TV programs. She emphasized the importance of journalist’s work especially during the COVID-19 pandemic and other emergencies.

Participants of the conference - students, civics teachers and parents from all regions of Georgia had the opportunity to ask questions to Naniko Khazaradze via Facebook. By the time the online conference ended, the number of online viewers had reached 3800 and a total of 218 questions had been asked.

The majority of questions by students addressed the topics of media and its role in society. Such events are very helpful and contribute to spreading information about important topics in an interesting way.