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Break the Language Barriers | 2017 - 2019

Computer and mobile device interfaces are continually being refined and developed and English remains the predominant language used in digital interactions. This means that the majority of Georgians do not currently have access to useful online tools because of the language barrier. To overcome this gap and increase access to its citizens, public-private partnership formed to assists the integration of the Georgian language into different software solutions of Microsoft products that support individual interactions, work performance, and digital information gathering.
This is a nationwide, volunteer effort bringing PH International program’s English language teacher cohort, their students as well their peers and friends who are able to access the special web platform www. and translate as much as Georgian sentences into English, get incentives and engage as much as citizens as possible.
As a result:
  • Microsoft Translator service will integrate the Georgian language into its search capacity
  • Microsoft programs (such as MS office, skype, etc), as well as third party web and mobile applications will accessible in the Georgian language.
Project is implemented in partnership between Microsoft, GeoLab, PH international and Livingstone and is supported by TBC Bank as part of their #writeingeorgian initiative.
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Tech4Good | 2017 - 2018

“Tech4Good” is a Microsoft’s initiative to empower different organizations worldwide to better serve their communities. In 2017, PH International was selected in Georgia to implement the project “Georgian NGOs to Better Serve their Communities”. The goal of the project is to introduce the world-class solutions and technology programs, that would be offered to Georgian NGOs to support their efforts in better serving their communities. Due to its extensive NGO network nationwide, PH International is mobilizing and engaging different local NGOs and media representatives in the activities of the project – providing them with the information and guidance on how they can get registered in order to obtain the Microsoft product donations and discounts; special emphasis is given to Microsoft’s cloud technologies, such as Office 365 & Azure.

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FLEX Technology Ambassador Program | 2002 - 2005

The Technology Ambassadors Program (TAP) was an innovative technology and leadership program for Future Leaders Exchange (FLEX) students studying in the United States. Using a variety of technologies, including weblogs and digital storytelling, students worked both online and in a Vermont workshop to create their own community development projects. TAP explored the benefits and uses of technology and the role of leadership in emerging democracies. The curriculum incorporated concepts of a civil society and demonstrated how technology can be used to enhance current and future initiatives throughout Eurasia. TAP graduated 90 students in three years, benefiting 12 countries, and created a network of motivated, inspiring and talented young adults who shared a desire to improve their own communities.> More

Internet Community Development for the Caucasus | 2000 - 2001

A one-year pilot program, Internet Community Development in the Caucasus (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia), a program of US State Department, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, was designed to promote the use of the Internet as a democracy-building and community organizing tool for professionals in the Southern Caucasus. The program fostered the development of business support, discussion on refugee issues, and assistance to internally displaced persons. The training and outreach activities of the program built the local capacity of professionals in these fields to use and create multi-language online resources such as online newsletters, discussions lists, interactive websites, web chats, and teleconferences. Experience from the pilot program was integrated into the core of the School Connectivity Programs.

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