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Call for proposals to participate in juvenile crime prevention school programs

Georgia Community Action and Linkages for Legal Socialization (GE CALLS) invites schools to participate in the specially designed program to undertake creative and sustainable initiatives In order to prevent recurrence of juvenile delinquency, raise awareness on juvenile justice and to help them become lawful citizens

GE CALLS program is funded by the US Department of State’s International Bureau of Narcotics and Law-enforcement (INL) and implemented by PH International branch office in Georgia in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia and Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia.

Geographic area

Program beneficiaries
Program beneficiaries are the students of selected schools, school resource officers, civil education teachers, representatives of schools disciplinary committees and supervisory board.

School program activities
Selected schools will receive professional support from Experts in order to create and implement their action plans. Selected schools will benefit from:

  • Three-day workshops to train police officers and civics teachers in the 9th grade legal socialization curriculum and techniques of team teaching;
  • Three-day workshops to train teachers and school wardens in the 7th grade legal socialization curriculum and techniques of team teaching
  • Delivery of teacher and student textbooks to schools that have included the adoption of one or both of these legal socialization curricula in their action plans;
  • Three-day Training of Trainers workshops on strengthening of school disciplinary committees for legal advisors in each partner ERC who will serve as local resources/ consultants to schools in their respective regions;
  • Distribution of the Supplementary Manual for Disciplinary Committees to all schools that include this work as part of their action plan;
  • By the end of the school year the successful schools will be awarded with certificates from the partner ministries.

Expressed commitment of the school and the clarity of its vision to incorporate specific Georgia CALLS program elements at school.

For application submitting requirements, please refer to the Georgian website.

For document-related issues Please contact
Rusudan Dzigrashvili, rusudan.dzigrashvili@ph-int.org
Office: 2990049; 2233338
Mobile: 599 24 39 49

Our Partners

Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia

Ministry of Justice of Georgia
Center for Crime Prevention and Innovative Programs

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