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Georgia Community Action and Linkages for Legal Socialization

Georgia Community Action and Linkages for Legal Socialization (GE CALLS) is funded by the US Department of State’s International Bureau of Narcotics and Law-enforcement (INL) and implemented by PH International branch office in Georgia.

The goal of GE CALLS program is to prevent/reduce recurrence of juvenile delinquency and continue progress towards adoption of restorative justice approaches in cooperation with GoG, local communities, NGOs, private sector and international community.

The GE CALLS program has been preceded by 5-year Georgia Legal Socialization Program (GLSP), which aimed at prevention of school crime, raising awareness on legal culture and restorative justice principles, triggering peer-to-peer approach in legal education etc.

Program Beneficiaries

Program beneficiaries are the students of selected schools, youth at risk, juvenile offenders and their families.

Program Partners

The Ministry of internal Affairs of Georgia (MIA), the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia (MOES), Ministry of Justice of Georgia (MOJ), The Ministry of Sports and Youth Affairs of Georgia, local municipalities and NGOs.

Program Components

Component 1: School-based Prevention Programs
Objective: 20 secondary schools, including 4 serving minority communities, undertake creative and sustainable new initiatives for the prevention of juvenile delinquency, in partnership with local law enforcement, School Resource Officers and community resources.

Component 2: Support for Community-Led Prevention Programs
Objective: New and effective non-school community-based initiatives serve as localized, sustainable models for the prevention of and response to juvenile crime in Georgia.

Component 3: Strengthening the Diversion Program for Juvenile Offenders
Objective: Strengthened capacity in Georgia for mediation and diversion as key aspects of restorative justice approaches for juvenile offenders

Our Partners

Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia

Ministry of Justice of Georgia
Center for Crime Prevention and Innovative Programs

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