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Bosnia and Herzegovina | Bosnia Legal Socialization Program | 12 Dec 2023

Between November 28 and December 8, 2023, there were eight sessions with the parents’ councils of 26 primary and secondary schools participating in the program "Legal Socialization and Juvenile Crime Prevention in Republika Srpska and Brčko District of Bosnia and Herzegovina" (BLSP RS/BD). Sessions were organized in Kotor Varoš, Čelinac, Gradiška, Mrkonjić Grad, Novi Grad, Prijedor, and Teslić in Republika Srpska and in Brčko District. These sessions aimed to inform parents about the dangers of the internet for children and youth and what can be done to minimize them. The sessions were held by the police officers from the Republika Srpska Ministry of Interior and the Brčko District Police. They presented a Guide on the dangers of using information and communication technologies they had developed. The sessions were attended by some 480 parents keen to learn how to keep their children online safe. After the sessions, parents were given printed versions of the Guide, while the electronic version was emailed to all schools to distribute to as many parents as possible. The local media covered the sessions in Gradiška, Brčko, and Teslić.

BD Police host the last session within BLSP RS/BD| Vijesti Brčko (

Session held on recognizing dangers on the internet | Radio televizija Gradiška 98,8 MHz (

ATV Banja Luka_School-based session with parents in Teslić