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Bosnia and Herzegovina | Bosnia Legal Socialization Program | 12 Dec 2023

Schools from Republika Srpska and Brčko District that were awarded mini-grants for small community projects have successfully implemented this project activity. Each school received necessary material and equipment worth $500 purchased by the PH International Office in BIH. Here is how some of the mini-grants were used:

Elementary school "Sveti Sava" from Bijeljina used a mini-grant for adorning the schoolyard wall with murals and promoted the activity on Instagram: ���� Be My Pal, Color My World | Instagram and a local TV station: Murals adorn the schoolyard of Elementary School "Sveti Sava" (

Gymnasium "Vaso Pelagić" from Brčko has arranged a room for students’ extracurricular activities: Gimnazija "Vaso Pelagić" has got a new space "Corner for Students - RNU "Radio Brčko" Brčko distrikt BiH (

The Secondary School for Electrical Engineering from Prijedor used a mini-grant to acquire the audio equipment for the newly established school radio.

To renovate the classroom in the Elementary School "Desanka Maksimović" in Prijedor, a mini-grant was used to procure 17 chairs for students.

In elementary school "Vuk Karadžić" Omarska, a classroom for the Home Economy class was equipped with a mini-kitchen, a stove, and some dishes.

Elementary School "Sveti Sava" in Kotor Varoš used a mini-grant to obtain 20 basketballs, handballs, footballs, and volleyball balls and organized sports competitions at the school to encourage students to socialize and actively engage in sports.

With the support of their school and the local community, third-grade students of the Secondary School "28. June" from Istočno Sarajevo devised and implemented a project to raise awareness of health risks related to using snus and vaping. Mini-grant was used for purchasing a laptop for students who used it for presentations on this topic to students of all elementary schools in Istočno Sarajevo.