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Visits to Youth Leaders and BLSP Teaching Teams in Bijeljina and Brčko Schools

Bosnia and Herzegovina | Bosnia Legal Socialization Program | 22 May 2022

On May 19 and 20 2022, BLSP Program Coordinator visited Primary Schools "Sveti Sava" and Primary School "Knez Ivo od Semberije" in Bijeljina and the Third Primary School and the Fifth Primary School in Brčko and met with Teaching Teams implementing BLSP modules in selected classes and young students-leaders. The purpose of the visits was observing the activities of Teaching Teams implementing BLSP modules and the progress of selected students who attended Youth Leadership Workshops and who, upon returning to their schools, were tasked with establishing Peer Forums of at least 30 students. Youth Leaders in these four schools have successfully established Peer Forums and had them implementing their activities of choice, ranging from organizing workshops on peer violence for fellow students, working with special needs children on organizing a bazar to collect money to purchase didactical material for children with learning disabilities to establishing a female football club in school. Peer Forums are expected to present the results of their activities some time before the end of school year (mid-June 2022).