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Bosnia and Herzegovina | Bosnia Legal Socialization Program | 14 Dec 2017

PH International in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Education  from  Herzegovina Neretva and Zenica Doboj Canton, works on the project of juvenile delinquency. In the implementation of this project participate two schools from Mostar, Ivana Gundulica and Fourth Elemnetary School. The project is funded by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) and it will last for two years.

“The main goal of this project is to work with youth in reducing the level of juvenile delinquency. Today’s worskhop is one of workshops we do with the police officers, and teachers who work with the youth on different topics. Topics which are covered within these workshop are reducing the violence, juvenile justice, addictions, etc.”, said Country Director Nedzada Faginovic.

Police officer who works together with the teachers on this project said that it is really important to introduce young people with the institutions and the types of the violence and how to recognize them.   “Together with the teachers form 4th elementary school, and Ivana Gundulica, we are implementing six workshops to introduce young people with the institutions which can help them, and we are trying to explain them the types of violence and what are their obligations they meet with the violence” said police officer Darko Bebek from PU Konjic.

“A child should not blame himself for the violence, a child is only the victim, and did not caused violence in any way. The child should be entrusted to an elderly person or to a friend. If violence is done within the school, it needs to engage teacher or  pedagogue, or for more serious violence to involve police and Center for social work and then to determine if the violence is connected to  criminal offence in order to  start criminal proceeding”, added police officer Darko. 

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