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Visit of Alaverdy High Schools' Students to COAF SMART Center in Debet village

Armenia | Armenia Legal Education and Active Participation | 20 Dec 2018

Throughout September-October 2018 the SRO, serving two high schools in Alaverdy, using the Legal Mosaic manual has conducted several lessons with students to discuss Internet Safety and Cyber Security issues.

As a wrap-up of the above mentioned sessions and by the request of the SRO the preliminary agreement between the COAF SMART Center and PH International was made and on October 2, 2018 40 students and 6 educators of Alaverdy #5 and #8 schools, accompanied by the SRO and PHI staff have visited the SMART Center to participate in Media Literacy and Internet Safety training, conducted by professional trainers of this center. The SMART is a center, created by Children of Armenia Fund (COAF), functioning in Lori Region organizes trainings for students on technology, arts, music, linguistic, communication, civil education and environmental practices and serves the rural communities of this region.

The staff of the center has welcomed the students from Alaverdy and organized a study tour in the center, talked about different programs and courses implemented in the center, presented Hi Tech facilities, art and music studio and library, talked about civil education, agricultural and environmental programs for rural communities. After the study tour in the Center the students participated in an interactive training on media literacy, facilitated by the experienced media trainer Hermine Gasparyan. Through video presentations, interactive games and media stories the students were exposed to the digital media and social networks, were introduced to on-line risks, learnt to understand motives behind mediated messages and how to stay safe in the digital environment. The students were excited by this visit, with new knowledge and new plans they left the center, with strong wish to participate in one of the programs of this center.