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Visit of High School Students to Human Rights Defender’s Office (Ombudsman)

Armenia | Armenia Legal Education and Active Participation | 20 Dec 2018

By the request of some SRO the PHI staff has contacted the Head of Children’s Rights Protection Unit of RA Human Rights Defender’ Office (Ombudsman) and arranged series of separate study tours of students from regions to the Ombudsman office.

On different dates from October 25 to November 5 students and educators of Vardenis, Martuni, Dzoragyugh high schools had a chance to travel to Yerevan and meet the staff of RA Ombudsman's office. 20-25 students from each school, accompanied by 2-3 educators and the SROs participated in sessions, facilitated by Eduard Israelyan, the Head of Children’s Rights Protection Unit and the staff and discussed issues such as the ombudsman’s role in human rights protection in Armenia, when and who can apply to ombudsman, shared challenges and success stories. The participants had a chance to receive answers to their questions. The students of Martuni high school shared the posters preliminary prepared during the lessons on human rights protection and domestic violence, facilitated by the SRO and the teacher in their school and presented their thoughts on the problems highlighted on the posters.

By the end of the day, after visiting the Ombudsman office separate cultural sightseeing visits were organized for all students and educators. The event was funded and supported by the PHI staff.