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Athletic Games in Tashir High School

Armenia | Armenia Legal Education and Active Participation | 20 Dec 2018

On September-October the SRO of Tashir High School facilitated a number of legal socialization classes using the PHI “Legal Mosaic” manual, as well as organized number of meetings with students to discuss domestic violence issues.

On October 19, the SRO in cooperation with the school administration initiated a sport tournament between teams of 10th graders, with five girls and five boys in each team. In an intense battle the two teams competed in number of athletics, their classmates was following the games and cheering their favorite teams.

In spite of the unfavorable conditions of the sport hall and athletic facilities of the school the students participated in the tournament with high excitement and enthusiasm. For supporting this project and making it eventful and lively PH International presented the school with sport inventory, such as different balls, volleyball and tennis equipment, jumping ropes, hoola hoops and PH T-shirts.