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Visit of Tchambarak High School Students to Media Initiative Center

Armenia | Armenia Legal Education and Active Participation | 20 Dec 2018

On October 18, 2018 thirty students, two educators and two parents from Tchambarak high school accompanied by the SRO and the PHI staff visited Media Initiative Center to participate in Media Literacy and Internet Safety training, organized by the professional staff of the Center. The training was facilitated by an experienced media trainer Lusine Grigoryan. Through educational games and videos the students were introduced to digital media, increased their knowledge on social network, mass media, and gained new skills on secure and responsible use of technologies and safe navigation.

The students and educators also had a chance to meet their favorite journalists and well-known cyber security experts who eagerly answered to students questions. By the end of the training the participants knew how properly use the information disseminated through the media and were eager to share the new knowledge with their schoolmates in Tchambarak.

PH International supported this initiative by taking care of all logistic arrangements, covered the travel and meal of the participants, as well as acted as a liaison between the school, police and the Media Initiative Center.