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Special Projects Initiated by School Resource Officers with the Support of PHI

Armenia | Armenia Legal Education and Active Participation | 20 Dec 2018

Throughout October-November 2018, within the “Legal Education and Active Participation” program, with the support of PH International and in cooperation with schools’ administrations the SROs assigned to RA high schools initiated and facilitated number of events for students such as legal, media, sport and art classes and activities for increasing the students legal knowledge. In an informal environment the projects aimed to see the SRO in the role of mentor and legal adviser for establishing more trustful and respectful attitude and reinforce students’ positive, lawful behaviour and develop their leadership skills.

During these two months ten SROs serving thirteen schools all over Armenia and PHI staff jointly developed special projects plan and the implementation schedule, which included facilitation of legal socialization classes, conducting discussions on legal issues and domestic violence with students and organizing an out of class activity with students and educators.